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Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm losing my mind.Well, kind of. More than a little. Why am I looking at Gaston fanart?! I don't even like Gaston. He was a jerk, you know?

I can't decide if I need a job or not. I had a job. I taught math. Poncho (my husband) had a job too--he made... the Internet. Something like that. Computer stuff, very complicated. Both of those are gone. Have been for awhile.

Now we don't do anything. No, we do a lot of things. We look for jobs. All the jobs that seem to be available are the ones we already did... when we were in community college.

Not that we don't do other stuff. I need my play time.

So, taking inventory that's: unemployed, married, no kids. My initial feelings about item one (and three?) weren't so great. Dread, apprehension, and general fretting. Now, not so much.

That's supposed to be Opportunity knocking. Get it? I feel like I can do anything. Not like fly or be President, but cool stuff. Like I discovered I like baking cakes and sewing, as you can see on my deviantART page. It's also time to travel.

So I'm thinking here are our options:
  1. Travel to Europe and/or Japan.
  2. Move to Europe, Japan, Alaska or New Zealand for a few months.
  3. Shut up and get back to work.
Yes, our choices for places to travel to are very limited. We have our priorities, and places that are not those do not currently make the list. As for the third option, I'm not the biggest fan. I did the whole finish high school, finish college, get married, start career thing and kind of got hosed. Trying something new now.

Gotta go over these options with Poncho, hopefully tomorrow. Our current lease is up at the end of September so I'd say we need a pretty solid plan by the end of the month. We at least narrowed it down to a few countries (and a state).

I can't decide if it's all these options before me that are causing my insanity, or the wanderlust. I'm sure it's both.


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