It's Nice to Have Someone to Cook for Again

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Now that Poncho is home again, it's time to get my ass back in the kitchen. Or something.

I don't go out of my way to try new recipes very often, but I watched Julie & Julia the other day and it inspired me. I'm a sucker for Amy Adams, what can I say.

Today's dishes:

I love doing most of my shopping in the produce aisle. Except for that giant chicken. I'd never worked with a whole chicken before; those things need to come with disassembly instructions. There were parts I didn't recognize. Do they sell male chickens for food?

Anyway, I massacred that beast and tossed the liver and heart in 'cause I'm like that. No knife required; the meat fell off the bone. Husband gives it two thumbs up as well.

I was served blueberry risotto as a side dish for a rack of lamb some years ago and have been craving it ever since. I like fruity dishes. This, while delicious, wasn't quite as delicious or sweet as I had hoped. Still loved it though! In fact, I'm having a bowl as a midnight snack right now.

These were awesome. I substituted the powdered mustered for a squirt of regular yellow mustered in the potato recipe. Tasted good to me! Next time I think I will cut the potatoes into smaller chunks and make more sauce in order to increase the flavor 'cause I loved the sauce. I am a total sauce person.

The coq au vin recipe and the potato recipe have been added to my recipe box. Better luck next time, risotto. See you in the morning, leftover potatoes.


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