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Friday, April 02, 2010

When I was a young teenager I read a lot. I mean a lot. I'm an introvert so I would be totally content to sit in my room and finish two R.L. Stine books on a Saturday. As I got older I read less and socialized more, but lately I've re-kindled my love of reading.

Now I spend a lot of my time reading again. Poncho usually gets in bed around 20:00 and I'll crawl in with him because he smells good, but I often stay up reading until 2:00.

Holding a book open while laying down got irritating. My pinky was getting tired. So I started reading ebooks on my laptop, but that made my eyes hurt.

So, with my birthday fast approaching, I begged and pleaded and whined for a Barnes & Noble Nook. Well, my birthday was last Sunday, and lo:

 I'm so spoiled.

I admit I was against the idea for awhile. What bookworm doesn't love actual books? Yes, the smell of them, the sound of turning a page, the way they sit on your shelf like a trophy once your done with them... Bookworms love owning physical copies of the books they've conquered.

After about the fifth time packing them up and moving them to a new place you get over that.

Now I have all of my favorite books with me everywhere I go! Yes, I got digital copies of my favorites, even though I've read them all as many as five times. It's comforting to have them with me though. Yes, I'm like that.


I shopped around before settling on the Nook, of course. If I'm going to beg for it I'd better be sure I'm begging for something awesome. It has it's flaws, sure, but I've found that they're mostly software flaws, which could potentially be fixed by a simple software update. B&N has already fixed a couple of flaws.

Allow me to break it down simply:

Things About the Nook that are Awesome:
  1. The "E Ink" screen. No glare and easy on the eyes. (more on E Ink)
  2. You can turn the page either by clicking the big buttons, or by flicking your finger on the touch screen.
  3. Speaking of the touch screen: the touch screen. All the menus can be navigated easily by touch, and it has pretty colors.
  4. Expandable memory was a deal-breaker for me. A must-have.
  5. The music player. Add an extra 2GB of memory and fill it with music to listen to while I read? Yes, please.
  6. It can read ePub, PDB, and PDF formats.
  7. Customizing the wallpaper and screensaver with my own JPGs is fun!
  8. The battery life is, like... long. The battery is also replaceable, so if I bork it I can just get a new battery instead of a new Nook.
  9. I named it Maynard.
 Things About the Nook that are Not so Awesome:
  1. There is no proper image viewer. This means I can't put a manga on it in JPG format and read it; I have to convert it to a PDF first. (More on that another day.)
  2. There is not yet a "go to page" function. I can go to chapter or title page or search for a word, but I can't just "go to page number." When I first loaded it up I was on page 308 of my current book. Finding that page sucked. I assume they will add this feature soon. Update: They added it.
  3. When the touch screen is functioning as a keyboard, they have the "clear" and "cancel" buttons right freaking there. I can't imagine how a person with fat fingers would function when faced with such a dilemma.
I guess some people consider the lack of Internet browser to be a flaw, as those who purchased a Kindle are all "Neener-neener I'm checking my email!" I prefer it this way though. I know myself, and I know if my book has Internet I will get too distracted. I already get all my emails, tweets, and Facebook updates sent to my phone, I don't need them all up in my book. Though the super geeks have already found ways to add their own browsers and such to it anyways. Update: It has a browser now. And chess and sudoku. And the pages turn faster.

Overall, I love it and I'm going to marry it. With all the free ebooks you can get, it's a fairly economical choice, I think.

Read more about the Nook on Wikipedia.


    Grace said...

    My husband desperately want's to buy me any e-reader of my choice. He was so excited when they came out because my books take up so much space, and since I'm kind of geeky he thought I was going to love the idea of it too. But I looovee having books!! As it is, if I read a book someone lent me or finished at the bookstore, and I liked it, I want to buy it still lol. So I feel like it'd be a waste of money for my case, but I feel like he's just going to buy me one and hope for the best soon lol

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