Showdown: Duck Face vs. Vilena-Style

Thursday, September 16, 2010

If there isn't already a word that means the complete opposite of photogenic, then I should invent one to describe myself. Still, I try to avoid making myself look worse. So I really don't get the whole "duck face" thing, obviously.

A while ago I became aware of another odd photo trend, this time from Russia. It's called Vilena-style, apparently so named because this woman, named Vilena, posted the following image on a social networking site and instantly became all kinds of popular.

Uhm, what?
I cannot decide if this is better or worse than the duck face. Duck face is, essentially, purposefully making your face less attractive. Vilena-style, on the other hand, makes you look stupid, but... at least it shows off some booty. I saw a couple of sites where guys were like "Ooooh yeah, Vilena-style," but I've never seen something similar for duck face.

Let us compare them directly.

Duck Face vs. Vilena-style


I am just... so confused. And is that a pig in the last one? Most of these girls are probably good-looking, right?

I don't know. I can't decide which set is more ridiculous.

Duck face does have its own music video though.


travis said...

This is the most retarded trend I've ever seen. Vilena style...sounds like some weird porn position or something. That's really...really creepy. Yet also interesting. I must say.

Kate Weber said...

New to your blog! Can't wait to read more!

And yeah. All of those girls look ridiculous. But I have to say, I think Vilena style is worse than the duck face.

Jessica said...

Vilena style is much worse! I'm prone to duck face sometimes! XD

Bree said...

Why does it seem that everyone who does the duck face is orange? Gross.

Denise said...

Holey moley... I've never seen the butt in the air thing, but I think its worse because you have to see the girl’s dirty room and strange cat... but the duck face. If they weren't trying to be cute it'd be different. They think they are sexy, and if they were actually trying to look goofy I think it'd be okay.

Kristen said...

LOL!!! I wasn't even aware there was a name to that face you see EVERYONE making. So funny! And that pig....YIKES, WTF is that???

Plum said...

Haha, I noticed that too, Bree.

I totally want to know more about the pig, if that is indeed what it is.

Wesley said...

What the hell. I will never understand people.

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