The Most Horrifying Moment in the History of Television

Friday, October 08, 2010

Grey's Anatomy is basically one of the best shows in the history of forever. Poncho hates is because he hates hospitals, but I thing surgery is awesome. Also, there are a lot of sexy parts, and we all know that sex sells. Especially to me.

The past six seasons have caused me to shed tears of all kinds, and probably way too often. Besides the emotional parts, they show some crazy stuff: dead babies, puss-oozing guts, bloated and severed limbs, blood squirting people in the face... Through all of that I've had a pretty strong stomach, and I've never looked away.

Last night, I looked away. A lot.

One of the patients in the episode was a "tree people." Tree people freak me out so much that I'm not even going to post a picture, just a link: See? Too much for me.

But then... I... it... he... There was a spider! And I screamed. And I am totally still not over it.

If there was ever a more horrifying moment in television... Well, I just don't think that there has ever been or ever will be.

P.S. I would like to personally apologize to all the tree people of the world. I know that you are human and you are suffering, but... I... no. Ugh, too much.


Jessica said...

I'm incredibly interested and incredibly horrified by the tree people. XD

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