Crash! Into Me

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Three and a half weeks... Three and a half weeks without a working computer. Do you know what that does to a person? With my PC and my laptop both broken, I could only check my important internetty sites from my phone, Nook, Wii, Netbook, or the spare computer Poncho keeps in our room for guests. Weep for me.

In all my glory.
Now that my PC is fixed (mostly) and I have my datas back, I feel back. As I opened My Documents I felt like I could once again open me and browse around a bit.

A bit.

Much of my datas are trapped in limbo, on my new terabyte hard drive, which went south and caused my computer to refuse to boot. My images, my photographs, my music, my videos... They're being held hostage. I think of a song I want to listen to, or a macro I want to post, and they're not where I left them. It's like having holes in my brain. Holes that used to hold only the best lolcats and the last three seasons of Dexter.

I bought this new hard drive to keep my datas safe, but it betrayed me. Technology can be so cold.


Paige said...

oh god that is my worst nightmare

Jet-Setting Divas said...

cool layout! no laptop---idk what i'd do! i made follower number 30! happy blogging!

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