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Thursday, May 06, 2010

I have a regret from my trip to Japan: I let a lot of good Engrish pass me by. There was just so much of it that I became complacent, but now, looking at the meager five Engrish images I did collect, I wish I would've snapped more of the dozens of prime examples I saw.

For those not yet in-the-know, the term "Engrish" refers to words and phrases that have been translated to English by some Japanese person who doesn't quite have a grasp of the language, with amusing results.

A classic example. So profound!

I wonder if they have a term for the opposite... When I spoke Japanese to natives I was always tempted to ask them if I was pronouncing my words quite as well as I thought I was.

So, yes, anyway... Engrish amuses me, and I'm happy to be able to finally contribute some decent examples to the internet world.

Metting of fate
From a WeGo catalog.
Bonus: Urban Dictionary defines metting as
"The act of trying to talk while on illicit drugs."

Michigan State's Mind Academy
Another from WeGo. Actually, their whole online store is just a
treasure trove of stuff like this.
There was a lot of stuff like this just everywhere--Engrish shirts
designed to resemble university clothing. We also saw American
high school class rings on sale for thousands of yen (like hundreds of dollars).

I posted this one in my picture post a couple of days ago.
So sue me; it's beautiful. I cropped it up though. Poncho
ran after this guy (yes, guy) to get this shot.

The Space Where it was Satisfied
Poncho picked up this shirt in Harajuku. It was difficult
narrowing down which shirt to take home, there were so
many amusing choices.

Joy to Havingsta Starting Pop Selection Up
And this is the one I got in Harajuku. I'm in love with my own T-shirt.
It makes no sense and is adorable. The back is also adorable.

If you'd like to absolutely bathe in Engrish, is the place to be. They've been at this for years.


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