Newsflash: I'm Stupid

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yesterday I was getting dolled up for my valentine when I thought "Golly, my pores sure are full of heinous particulates." Fortunately, I knew just who would have the solution: Pinterest! That site is all about collecting household remedies.

And, lo, did I find that 1 tbs sugar + 1 tbs baking soda + 1 tbs water + 20 minutes = clean face. So I decided to try it. Unfortunately, I can't go more than a few minutes without sticking things in my mouth, so while I'm mixing my bukkake facial (if you had seen it, you would know there's no other appropriate name for it; however, if you don't know what that means, don't Google it) and I absentmindedly taste it. Turns out baking soda tastes like gym mats--I spit it out. I needed to get the taste out of my mouth, so I grab a clementine orange and pop its naked flesh into my mouth.

Yeah. I ate citrus fruit right after putting baking soda in my mouth. Words cannot describe.

Anyway, twenty minutes later my face looked and felt amazing. Highly recommend will try again A++.

Ramblings of an Itchy Person

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Christmas season was insanity. Insanity. I had my dad guess how many sales my Etsy store had over the holiday season and he guessed thirty. When I gave him my Offended Face™ he then guessed ten. So imagine my look of smug satisfaction when I got to tell my father, who has always held onto praise unless he felt it was deserved, that the number was somewhere around 500. Him being proud of me was one of my best presents this Christmas.

Though I did work sometimes twenty-four hours straight and resembled something out of The Walking Dead. Netflix really got a workout.

Now that I'm in the post-holiday lull and can breathe again, I have been able to create shiny new things. I hope to have something to show off soon... maybe after I save my darling Zelda. I can't leave her hanging.

I also went camping this month, where I rode a dirt bike for the first time! I didn't even fall! My friend (said dirt bike's owner) did though. So I got to ride on a dirt bike, a quad, in a camper, and in an ambulance for the first time! All in the same day!

And for my friend's birthday present, he got half of his leg replaced with titanium! It was overall a wonderful trip.

The only bummer part was my face. (Okay, well, my friend having to go through more pain than I will ever experience in my life was kind of a bummer, but I'm trying to be selfish here.) Apparently, pineapple decided that it hates me, so it made my mouth break out in hives. I spent the whole weekend with very sensual weeping sores all over my mouth.

What's worse is that, about the time my lips were 95% healed, the entire left side of my face broke out in a rash. Poncho called me Two Face all day, and I'm not sure my earlobes will ever be even again. I went to the doctor, got pills and creams, and it had almost healed... until last night. I'm beginning to suspect blueberries. I don't know how I'll cope if it turns out to be almonds.

I'm so itchy.

Lastly, if you haven't contacted your congressmen about SOPA and PIPA, do that. Wikipedia and Google make it easy for you. Censorship is unpleasant.

Maison de Beauties

Monday, October 17, 2011

Maison de Beauties
    AKA House Of Beauties; Mezon do Byuutiizu; メゾン・ド・ビューティーズ
Downloaded from Goldlily's Media Gallery  ~
Mangaka Mizushiro Setona
Genre(s) drama, romance, shoujo, slice of life
Year 2000
Summary  taken from Baka-Updates
A low-price, high-quality apartment in the metropolitan area of Tokyo is nothing short of a miracle! It exists, but there's a catch -- tenants must be good-looking and pass an interview by the landlord!? This is a love comedy about what happens when the beautiful people are all gathered under one roof! 

Scanlated by ShoujoMagic
Translation A+
Scan Quality A+
Editing Quality A+

I only gave the art two and a half stars because I'm not a fan of the style, but the quality isn't bad... it's just a matter of taste, I suppose. Fortunately, I did like the characters, for the most part. The main guy was probably my least favorite character, but both of the secondary characters were interesting. The moral of the story will hit close to home for anyone in their twenties (or older or younger, but it's definitely relevant for twenty-somethings). Since the moral can't be discerned from the summary, I'm wary to give it away, but I will hint that it has to do with delusions of success and working hard.

Also, there were a few parts that made me laugh out loud, which isn't something that happens often when reading. The romance aspect is also better than the average manga, I would say.

Manga Monday: Towa ni Nemure (Oneshot)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Towa ni Nemure (Oneshot)
    AKA Eternal Sleep; 永遠に眠れ
Downloaded from Goldlily's Media Gallery  ~
Mangaka Shimaki Ako
Genre(s) drama, historical, mature, romance, shoujo, tragedy
Year 2009
Volumes 1
Summary  taken from Baka-Updates
Jin, [snip], has a dark past that follows him everywhere. Now a pirate, he's recently acquired a new set of slaves to sell. However, one of them, Lisa, sparks something inside Jin. Could she be the one to get through his cold, ruthless, and dark heart and see what's really inside him?

Scanlated by Operation Boredom
Translation A
Scan Quality A+
Editing Quality A

I removed what I would consider the major spoiler from the story from the summary. Those summaries can be just plain ridiculous... Though this one does at least warn you how trite this story is--it's the typical innocent girl sees that the murderer/rapist has a heart of gold and throws herself at him. The art is pretty though! And is all turns out kind of perfect in the end. Oh, and there's nudity. Bums and boobies, hence the aforementioned "mature" label.

Farewell to Summer

Friday, September 23, 2011

Every time summer comes around I swear I'm going to hate it. I hate being hot and I miss being able to wear my assortment of sophisticated cardigans. But then summer ends, and I remember all the fun I had and I find summer far more difficult to hate.

This year I spent the first day of summer at the beach with my sister and brother. I floated down the Boise river, went wine tasting in Sonoma, camped at a campground with no water or toilets, floated around my pool on my pink raft with my pink sunglasses, was adorned with dozens of Play Doh jewels, saw the last Harry Potter with a whole lot of self-proclaimed wizards, and went to Disneyland over and over.

Now summer is officially over, and pumpkins are starting to show up everywhere, and that's nice too. It's nice how things work like that, always going around until you're excited for jacket weather and then excited for beach weather and then excited for jacket weather again.

Sims 3: Batman Posters

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My favorite super hero is Batman. I always seem to be fond of the gloomy gus characters... Eeyore's another one. Batman also has the best super power: he's rich! And he has the best villains (I have #9 framed in my dining room), movies, and video games. So, yeah, it seems like an easy choice to me.

So today I'm offering up eighteen Batman-themed posters. They're all in one file, and will cost your Sims §7.

Mesh Credits
• Gothic poster made recolorable by sleepless_angel at Ashtray Sims

Art Credits
01 ~ drawsgood
02 ~ tower-raven
03 ~ MlleBee
04 ~ iamacoyfish
05 ~ JenZee
06 ~ VP-ArtWorks
07 ~ VP-ArtWorks
08 ~ VP-ArtWorks
09 ~ Alex Ross
10 ~ Kuroi-Tsuki
11 ~ Kuroi-Tsuki
12 ~ ?
13 ~ cover of Batman Detective Comics #737
14 ~ cover of Batman #570
15 ~ cover of Batman Villains Secret Files and Origins #1
16 ~ cover of Harley Quinn #1
17 ~ Cover of Harley Quinn #5
18 ~ cover of Harley Quinn #3

Sharing Policy
As long as you're not claiming credit or putting it on a paysite, I don't care. Including it in a lot is perfectly fine with me, though a link back here would be nice.

A Song of Ice and Fire

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

[ paperpie ]
I just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that I am madly obsessed with HBO's Game of Thrones and the book series it's based on. I watched the first five episodes in a sitting, and then started reading the books the next day.

This series has so much detail and is so unpredictable that it seems wholly possible that the author, George R.R. Martin, has a portal in the back of his wardrobe that takes him to Westeros, where he just copies down everything that is happening and scribbles it out for our reading pleasure. I've read long fantasy series before, but the attention to detail in this series borders on madness.

The show is currently my favorite show, and the book series is currently my favorite set of books. If someone were to ask me who my favorite character is in either incarnation... I think I might implode just trying to pick.

I hate to hype things up, but I'm going to anyway. Just look at this map of Westeros. It's crazy. And there's plenty more to the world of A Song of Ice and Fire than Westeros. Even my mother is reading this series. My friend picked up the first book and within three chapters was saying "Hooray! I have something to replace my Harry Potter obsession!"

It's good stuff. Read it or watch it or both.
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