Farewell to Summer

Friday, September 23, 2011

Every time summer comes around I swear I'm going to hate it. I hate being hot and I miss being able to wear my assortment of sophisticated cardigans. But then summer ends, and I remember all the fun I had and I find summer far more difficult to hate.

This year I spent the first day of summer at the beach with my sister and brother. I floated down the Boise river, went wine tasting in Sonoma, camped at a campground with no water or toilets, floated around my pool on my pink raft with my pink sunglasses, was adorned with dozens of Play Doh jewels, saw the last Harry Potter with a whole lot of self-proclaimed wizards, and went to Disneyland over and over.

Now summer is officially over, and pumpkins are starting to show up everywhere, and that's nice too. It's nice how things work like that, always going around until you're excited for jacket weather and then excited for beach weather and then excited for jacket weather again.


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