Sims 3: The Federation for the Advancement of Time

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I wanted to get more vintage travel posters in my game, but after looking for awhile I stumbled upon these and decided they're much better. These time travel posters can be found and purchased from, a non-profit writing tutoring center here in California.

These were cloned from the base game's "modern painting." All nine posters are in one file entitled The Federation for the Advancement of Time, which can be purchased for your Simmies for $35. Click an image if you wanna see it bigger.

♦ Changes - A flap of the wings yesterday… means big changes tomorrow. ♦
♦ Feudal Japan - Learn Bushido and soar with the samurai! ♦
♦ Fire - Fire good… but also bad. ♦

♦ Nature Parks - Do not disturb the local megafauna. ♦
♦ New Colonies - Find your place in space! ♦
♦ Pangaea - Life is bigger in Pangaea! ♦

♦ Tokyo 2.0 - Learn binary for a better tomorrow! ♦
♦ Robots - Practice safer interfacing! ♦
♦ Ice Age - A winter wonderland all year round! ♦

Thanks to cmomoney for the tutorial and orangemittens for the extra help in overcoming my own stupidity.


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