Sims 3: Whale Nuking, Blood Drinking, Ultra-Violence, and Some Blasphemy for Good Measure

Friday, July 02, 2010

When you are so very unemployed and childless and introverted and a generally unpleasant person you run out of things to talk about quickly. I spend most of my time (other than job-hunting, cleaning house, and otherwise working to better myself as a human being of course) reading and playing The Sims 3. I still have a bunch of Nook wallpapers and a few mangas I want to upload, but for now... virtual doll house decor is what's on the menu.

These are simple clones of EA meshes and shouldn't replace or bork anything. At least, they work fine for me.

click image for full-size
♦ A Clockwork Orange movie poster - The book was much better, scoff scoff. ♦
♦ Nuke the Whales - A Simpsons classic. ♦
♦ Fangtasia - True Blood's bar and nightclub, featuring Eric Northman. ♦

click image for full-size
♦ Star Wars Last Supper by Eric Deshamps ♦

They're all packed together, but clearly labeled for easy picking and choosing.

Thanks to orangemittens for the tutorial.


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