Manga Monday: Barairo My Honey

Monday, October 04, 2010

Barairo My Honey
Mangaka Ohmi Tomu
Genre(s) comedy, josei, romance, supernatural
Year 2005
Volumes 3
Summary  taken from Celestial Scans
At first, she might seem just a cute girl, pretty like a doll, but as soon as she opens her mouth, it becomes clear that she’s a really shrewd and independent girl! Her name is Koume and she has a “date with destiny!” She meets one very cool “tiger-master” and one very hot “tiger-tamer” and they are both handsome young men… But what is the truth about them?

Scanlated by Aerandria & Celestial Scans
Translation A+
Scan Quality A+
Editing Quality A

This is another one of those rich-boy loves common-girl stories that seem to be so popular among manga, but this one has a supernatural twist! And, unlike many of these types of stories, the relationship actually progresses, rather than just playing the hot/cold game until the end. It's rated "mature" for sexual content, though it's just one booby kiss really. I'm not really into the art style, personally, but it's really well done for the most part. The main guys have stupid hair. Overall, it's a fast-paced story, though some might feel it's a little too faced-paced, effectively skipping a bit too much development. Can't really complain for just three volumes though.


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