Sailor Moon Week Day 1: Manga & Doujinshi

Monday, September 05, 2011

If you haven't read the original manga, you're missing out on some prissy, lacy, feathered, sparkly magic. And, even if you have, it's time to read it again because Miss Dream has a translation available that is of beautiful quality. In fact, the whole site is dedicated to translation, so they have a lot of lovely stuff available. The bottom of their page boasts 15 hours and 12 gigs of video footage, 92 merchandise projects totaling 3831 pages, 17 volumes of doujinshi totalling 451 pages, 208 lyric translations, and 87 pages of miscellaneous material. Not only that, but they put up their raw scans, so you can use those too.

It looks like they're about half finished with Codename Sailor V, but they also have a bunch of doujinshi up for your reading pleasure. I highly recommend Earth Wind, which is a rated R Usagi/Mamoru story. The mangaka, Oumori Madoka, was one of Naoko Takeuchi's assistants on the official manga, so the art looks great!

They have their translations in PDF format, but they're pretty much unreadable on my Nook, so I went through and optimized the original twelve volumes and two short-story volumes for ereaders. These are the re-print editions with the fancy covers. There are some great colored pages and inserts, but you will have to view those directly on Miss Dream because the versions I'm offering are in greyscale in order to keep the file size lower and because I resent Nook Color owners.

Each volume is a seperate PDF and comes with a separate cover image file.


Elly said...

Woah, this is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing optimized versions of these downloads!! Is it OK if I share this page as a resource on Miss Dream?

Thanks for promoting us! We <3 you back!

Anonymous said...

thanks so much, wonderful books!!!! ; )

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