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Monday, August 24, 2009

Poncho spent the weekend in Las Vegas with the rest of his wolf pack, and I couldn't help but picture the above scene the entire time he was gone.

In any case, he's been too excited about Sausage Fest '09 to do anything useful for two weeks, and, we'll he's "back," but he's not really going to be back back until at least a few more hours of sleep.

I've been patient while he squee'd like a girl (only on the inside, of course) over his guy trip, but tomorrow I strike.

Kikkoman inspires me. Don't judge.

This Week's To-Do List:
  1. Firstly (that's why it's number one on the list, duh), I need to buy my plane ticket to visit my lifelong friend L in time for The Birth of Peanut. I was going to do that today, but apparently Poncho aspires to go on tour with some Pop Princess (who I don't think I'm at liberty to name) at the same time as Peanut Time, so now I have to wait. No point rushing home to see him if he's touring some... other place.
  2. We also need todecide where to live next this week. We have a lot of options. Most of the ones we're looking at currently kind of suck.
  3. We are going to get passports. I demand it. How can we even consider leaving the country if we do not have passports? It's just silly. Poncho's "thing" lately is that he refuses to make any solid plans just in case he gets a job. Hopefully if I can get him to get a passport he'll be a little more enthusiastic about play time.
  4. Enter tentative travel dates onto the calendar. This includes camping, San Francisco, and Plum & Poncho's Excellent Adventure. None of these are optional.
I think those are reasonable to-dos. Notice laundry is not on that list. Screw laundry.


L said...

whoo hoo. get those tickets now!

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