Hajimimashite, Snail-chan

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

This afternoon, Poncho and I practiced setting up the tent for our camping trip this weekend. Well, assuming we get to go; it seems that most campsites in Southern California have either burned down or won't let you have a campfire for fear of getting burned down. The audacity of these places disallowing campfires and still calling themselves a campsite! It should be illegal.

Really, we were just being sure the tent was still in working order, seeing as it's possibly older than us. Maybe combined. I'm not sure what color it originally was.

After we finished packing it back up (and I finished patting myself on the back for remembering how to set up a tent, having not attempted it since sixth grade), I noticed something tiny on my foot. I thought What are you doing on my foot, tiny round thing?

And that's how I met my new buddy, Snail-chan.

Whenever I see something this tiny and cute, I can't help but add the honorific -chan to the end of its name. I wouldn't dare say it out loud, as that would be entirely too weeaboo of me, but I can blog it with only minimal shame.

After showing everyone in the house (this was at my in-laws' house, by the way), I took Snail-chan on a field trip to the other side of the yard, where it would probably take her a month to get on her own, and watched her frolic on some tiny flowers.

Not wanting to worry her mother, I brought her right back to where she probably was before she got on my toe, and said goodbye.

Her visit put me in a good mood for the rest of the day. No, really, I'm easy to please like that.

I posted more photos of Snail-chan on flikr. I also submitted them to Cute Overload. Is it too much to dream she gets her own calendar page? Snail-chan for Miss September 2011! Update: Yay, Snail-chan is a super star!


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