Wednesday, September 09, 2009

My swatches came in the mail! Yesterday, actually, but whatever.

On August 20th, Spoonflower had a "free swatch" day, so I took advantage. I actually almost forgot, since I spent the day with my siblings, so the swatches I picked aren't nearly as cool as I had intended--fifteen minutes isn't really any time to draw anything out or get choosy on fabric types.

Lighting sucks everywhere in my apartment.

These are both just the quilting weight cotton ($18/yd). The edges are frayed and they're wrinkled 'cause I just washed them; when they first arrived they were very un-frayed and un-wrinkled.

They let you select the scale. Since I didn't have time to draw anything out, I was worried that the images I was tossing in there wouldn't be big enough, but very little detail was lost in the printing.

These are the actual images I uploaded for printing.

Allow Tuxedo Yoda to help show the scale.

So I ordered on August 20th, my order shipped on September 4th, and I received my order on September 8th. I'm no authority on how long it takes to fill these orders, especially after doing something crazy like a free swatch day (really, even shipping was free), but I think that's a reasonable amount of time to wait for something like this. I don't know if an actual paid-for order would be faster.

Now I just need an excuse to buy my own custom fabrics. I guess I should start sewing more often. I did add gift certificates to my wishlist anyway though.


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