Sims 3: A Bad Day on the High Sea & Rosie-Lee's Legacy

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Today I come bearing one item of epic manliness and one item of unadulterated girlishness. Still working on my presentation; I am just plain too lazy to make whole rooms that match the new painting like some crazy people do.

These were cloned from Eaxis meshes using s3oc and edited in s3pe.. Click an image if you wanna see it bigger.

Bad Day on the High Sea by Brandon Bird ♦
You can find this in the obvious place under the above title for $575.

♦ Rosie-Lee's Legacy by Rosie-Lee ♦
All images are together under the above title and available for your Simmies for $115.

Today's my fourth wedding anniversary! Just tossing that out there.


nessa said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Thanks for these, I love Blythe =)

Plum said...

Thank you and you're welcome! Ha

Wesley said...

That's odd, today's-... Hmm, I think that's been done enough today, even by my standards. I guess I'll give you a break! Happy Anniversary, by the way.

That first image is awesome.

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