Nook Wallpapers: Disney Princesses

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Once again my trolling of deviantART has caused my Nook to explode with glorious beauty! Perhaps I went a bit overboard, or perhaps I needed all these. I think the latter. A lot of these I already posted as a Sims 3 download, but whatever, they're just so pretty~!

Links to the original masterpieces can be found under the image. Unless I lost it in which case, shame on me. Thanks Brittany!

Saving instructions:
Right-click on the image you want to save and select "Save target as..." OR
Follow the "SAVE ALL" link under the images to download all of them at once from MediaFire.

by metalblackfae     |     by mar-ka

by NotThePornStar     |     by loish

in storage?     |     by yumedust

by LathronAniron     |     by Ryan Wood

by mary-chan     |     by art sammich

by loish     |     by ddrbean

by eiko-chan     |     by bri-chan

You can find a tutorial on how to get your Nook to display these here.

Get more Nook images from the Nook Wallpapers group on Flickr and/or Nook-Look.


Jessica said...

I like!

I also like the new layout you have going on! It's hot! I want a background like yours!

Raechel said...

Love these!!!

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