Manga Monday: Half & Half (Oneshot)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Half & Half
Mangaka Sa-sook
Genre(s) one shot, romance, shōnen, supernatural, tragedy
Year 1996
Volumes 1
Summary  taken from Baka-Updates
Shinichi Nagakawa and Yuuki Sanada are both involved in an accident and die together. But they're given a chance to live again. God lets them live for seven more days. But the catch is that after the time limit, one of them must die again.

There's more. God decrees that their lives will be shared, including emotions (guilt) and physical sensations (pain). They are told not to leave the other's side, else both of them die. What will happen during those seven days?

Scanlated by Red Hawk Scanlations
Translation B-
Scan Quality A+
Editing Quality B+

If this were longer, I would probably feel as though my precious time had been stolen from me. Fortunately, it's short length makes it a fairly pleasant read. It's pretty predictable based on the description, but it's not a bad story.


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