Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Some might say that I've been feeling... restless. Unaccomplished. Stir-crazy. I have no job, no children, and the home I live in isn't mine (housesitting, remember?) and so I have very little control over the place. (Less than I previously realized, but that's a story for another day.)

I've been working on channeling these feelings into something creative. These attempts usually involve the computer, simply because the magical Undo button keeps me from turning into a gurgling wad of frustration; however, these intangible creations have become less and less satisfying, and more and more mind-numbing. So much clicking, so little texture.

I've always wanted a "craft space." Basically, Poncho hates... stuff. If something is sitting on the table, then the room is a "mess." My computer desk, which has what a normal person would call glorious trinkets, Poncho calls a disaster. He is neat where I am... Well, I'm not messy, but, dammit, my stuff goes where it goes.

So I've been eyeballing other people's craft spaces and getting all envious. They're so full of stuff, and that stuff can be used to make other stuff. And that is awesome.

For posterity, here are a few of the craft spaces I've been eyeballing.

Little Miss Crafty has a lot of goodies.   |   Jessica at Shizuka Urusai believes in the power of cute.

Olivia at secretly loves pink is all about bright colors
and adorable yet geeky mascots.

Kristen, the Shabby Vintage Mom, has a lot of good vintage stores in her area, apparently.
Jen at the fabled needle has a cozy nook to relax and craft in. And beautiful flooring too!

So, if it's not obvious by now, I have moved a bunch of boxes and hollowed out my own craft space, so that I could fill it will stuff, and then use that stuff to make other stuff. And it is awesome.

That's right, I have turned a corner of Poncho's grandpa's office, with its walls of tweed, into a girl-zone. A girl-zone with an excessive amount of lamps.

And now I am happy.


Cowbiscuits said...

these places are wonderful! x

the fabled needle (jen) said...

thank you for including my little crafty room (and the link back is very much appreciated)! i'm lucky to have my own space right now; it's definitely the messiest, most cluttered room in the house. (i try to contain it, you know?)

Little Miss Crafty said...

hey thanks for adding my craft room hope it inspires :) and i identify with loads of what you have written on this post ! :) chin up !

juliet/ little miss crafty

Jessica said...

Gosh, I wish I had an entire craft room! You have featured such cute spaces. XD Mine just pales in comparison.

Kristen said...

Holy Cow, that's my seriously messy before picture. I have a feeling Poncho would absolutely hate my messy space :) I'm still working on my after picture♥

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