Manga Monday: Omae ga Sekai wo Kowashitai Nara

Monday, August 29, 2011

Omae ga Sekai wo Kowashitai Nara

    AKA If You Want To Destroy the World or Vampire Girl
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Mangaka Karou Fujiwara
Genre(s) drama, historical, horror, josei, mature, mystery, romance, supernatural, tragedy
Year 1999
Volumes 3
Summary  taken from Baka-Updates
Koizumi Kanna is infatuated with the man who came to the restaurant she works at and ordered a burger with no onions. Little does she know, Toujou Ren is interested in her as well, but for a different reason. Kanna just so happens to be the mirror image of a woman he knew a very long time ago. It is for that reason that he saves her when she nearly dies in a car accident. But the life he gives Kanna is far different from the one she lived before, and she's not certain it's the kind she wants...

Scanlated by Storm in Heaven
Translation A+
Scan Quality A+
Editing Quality A+

This starts off sounding like a manga version of The Vampire Diaries, but it very quickly turns into something different. Though it does get a little after-lifey, it's probably the most realistic vampire story I've read--no werewolves or turning into bats or sparkling--and has a nice murder mystery vibe to it. The whole story goes a direction I didn't expect, which was refreshing. The romance element isn't overdone or cheesy, and in fact leads to what I think is one of the better manga endings I've come across.


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