Sims 3: 24 Karl Addison Tattoos

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

While looking for images to turn into Sims tattoos, I stumbled upon Karl Addison, who had tons of good stuff. Reincrab? Check. Turtle being ridden by a snail with a mustache? Check.

Anyway, here are twenty-four tattoos. The line art is by Karl Addison, but I added some color layers. These are not "accessory tattoos," and thus require the Ambitions expansion pack. Some of the one-channel ones looks kind of blah when made small, but I figure you can just delete them if you don't want them.

How to disable/enable these by gender/age
1) Open the .package file in s3pe.
2) Highlight the CASP file.
3) Click the Grid button at the bottom.
4) Set the thing to the thing.
5) Hit the Commit button, and save the file.

Tattooinator by CmarNYC
Art by Karl Addison


Anonymous said...

I love them! I will dowload right now *.*
But may i ask where is the dinassour head from?

Partybots said...

Hi, I'm the artist that drew these - and I'm curious about this all. Can you please contact me?

- karl addison

Plum said...

I contacted you through the contact form, so let me know if it doesn't reach you. :)

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