Sailor Moon Week Day 3: Swag

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

My craft space looks like it was hit by something hurricane-like... maybe a pack of kindergarteners. I've been crafting my alabaster buns off, and, as part of Sailor Moon Week, have a few Sailor Moon themed crafts I'd like to show off.

I found some Sailor Moon paper dolls and knew I had to use them for some kind of craft, so  I went with magnets. They're made with shrink plastic, so they're thick and durable. I really like how they came out! In fact, I've been looking for more paper dolls to make similar sets.

For the longest time, I wanted a Cosmic Heart Compact necklace. But a very small one. It took me a few tries to get it right, but I think I've got the hang of it! I made one for me, and an extra for my Etsy store.

It's on a nice long chain, so it falls right where it does on Usagi. I also sprayed it with acrylic, to make it shiny.
These earrings were a lot of work! I drew the Cosmic Heart Compact for the Sailor Moon tattoo set that I posted yesterday, so that was already done, but I couldn't use the same bow because someone else had drawn it, and you can't just use someone else's art for your craft like that, so I had to re-make all the bows. My right index finger is all torn up from making these, but they're kind of awesome so whatever.
I'm not the only one making Sailor Moon swag though! There's lots of handmade stuff from Etsy. I know this because I looked through all of it. Well, everything that comes up when you search for "Sailor Moon" under "handmade." I picked my favorite fifteen things (plus that necklace I made, ahem) and made a treasury.


A lot of my stuff is boxed up since Poncho and I are in a semi-temporary living situation, but I've had a really hard time resisting the urge to dig out my Moon Kaleidoscope and gashapon and the like. I miss my Sailor Moon swag... and look at all that neat stuff for sale on Etsy, handmade by fans. Argh, temptation.

logo by Bleuette | Sailor Moon image by 朱雀町四丁目


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