Sims 3: Portal Posters

Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm totally one of those jerks who randomly screams "The cake is a lie!" and "Space!" like it's somehow clever. Mostly to myself, alone in the dark. Space!

Only two of these don't have text, so I apologize to those Simlish-only folks, but you're pretty much out of luck. They're all in one file, and will cost your Sims §7.

Mesh Credits
• Gothic poster made recolorable by sleepless_angel at Ashtray Sims

Art Credits
01 ~ official art - Get one!
02 ~ Ron Guyatt - Get one!
03 ~ ezBadfish
04 ~ official art - Get one!
05 ~ levi88
06 ~ Alice0fSpades
07 ~ The-3rd-Design
08 ~ BearAndRobot - Get one!
09 ~ rylanfrancis
10 ~ BearAndRobot - Get one!
11 ~ linkitch
12 ~ The-3rd-Design
13 ~ ameba2k
14 ~ osanai1
15 ~ Xerone
16 ~ wd.farmer
17 ~ official art - Get one!
18 ~ Kiyi-chan

Sharing Policy
As long as you're not claiming credit or putting it on a paysite, I don't care. Including it in a lot is perfectly fine with me, though a link back here would be nice.


Anonymous said...

Fancy posting these after I just received (and completed) this game 2 days ago :P
Awesome as per usual.

Plum said...

Go me! *dance*

And thanks. :D

BearandRobot said...

hi just wanted to say, thank you for using our portal poster you got us a sale :)

Plum said...

Woo hoo! I feel like I've accomplished something. I shall reward myself with grapes.

Anonymous said...

How do you add them to the game?

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