A Day in the Life of a 20-Something Reject

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Today I topped-off the swimming pool. That is my contribution to society today: I wasted more perfectly drinkable water in case I want to go swimming tomorrow. And I got spiderweb in my mouth.

I also watched the last three weeks of True Blood in one sitting. But I was on my stationary bicycle, so it's all about self-improvement.

Speaking of which, I've lost like ten pounds. Mostly in my boobs.

I try to do something job-hunting-related every day. I can't even get a "job" as a juror! I got summoned for jury duty, and when I called to ask them if they could move me to a courthouse closer to my home they were just like "Oh, you are no longer a resident of Riverside county? Nevermind." Fiddlesticks. I was all ready to hand down my judgement on somebody too.

I spent something like three days in an argument with my dad about same-sex marriage. On his Facebook. I won.

According to my media log (which is typed up in Notepad), I'm on my 15th novel so far this year. No, that doesn't count manga. Of those, my favorite has been The Virgin Suicides.

I've started scrapbooking. Not that overly-fluffy lets-take-one-picture-and-surround-it-with-stickers-and-die-cuts scrapbooking, but the kind where you actually put stuff on the page.

And I drink a lot of tea. Out of cute cups only, of course.

I think I need... an office. Maybe on the patio. A place to make a mess.


Wesley said...

"I spent something like three days in an argument with my dad about same-sex marriage. On his Facebook. I won."

I'm not sure you "won" so much as outlasted him (which may be your definition of winning in this case). You were obviously in the right, but I'm not sure you ever really could win against him.

Plum said...

I totally won.

Sam said...

ugh, job hunting is the worst right now. i absolutely hate it. i can't get hired either, not even for a part time job i'm over qualified for. when will this college degree kick in and do something useful? :) love your blog!

Plum said...

I know right! Hopefully it'll come in handy in the future, but so far it's looking like we college grads are going to see if we can find something entry-level, and just hope our degrees give us a head start towards promotions. Meanwhile, our friends that skipped college and just kept working have already received several promotions. Argh!

And thanks!

Anonymous said...

I do not understand most of your prob, but it seems that you have just had a bad day.

cheer up and relax !

PS: I never think that my template became like this, haha.

Plum said...

I think most of my problem is that I can't decide whether or not I have a problem. Ha

I hope you like it! Your template was so fun to tweak and re-color!

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